Basket of Fuchsia

Basket of Fuschia

Hello my crafty friends welcome to my blog.

Enjoying making paper flowers as here in Maine we still have lots of snow on the ground and more to come - we won't see anything growing outside for a while.

Today I have another card using a couple of Susan's new releases you are going to love them.  What fun this new release is.

Here is how the card was created.

Step 1  For 6" X 6" card base from white Soft Finish Cardstock.

Step 2  Create 6" X 6"  ModaScrap Happy Frame from white Soft Finish Cardstock.

Step 3  Cut patterned paper 5-3/4" square adhere to card front using Clear Double Sided Adhesive.  Adhere frame to card front using Clear Double Sided Adhesive.

Step 4  Cut 2 Garden Notes Bushel Baskets from brown cardstock which has Clear Double Sided Adhesive on back.  Adhere 1 on top of other.  Using Distress Ink shade basket.  Remove protective paper from back add couple pop dots to center back adhere to card front.

Step 5  Using Garden Notes Fuchsia die set cut 10-12 flowers from white Soft Finish Cardstock and leaves and stems from green cardstock.   Using alcohol markers to color flowers and distress ink to shade leaves and stems.  Shape using Susan's 4 pc All Metal Tool Kit, Molding Mat and Leaf Mat.  Assemble using Kids Choice Glue.  Add to basket using Kids Choice Glue.

Step 6  Cut 2 ModaScrap Lace Corners from white Soft Finish Cardstock adhere to frame using Kids Choice Glue.

Just click on any picture of items it will take you directly to their site.

I do hope you have enjoyed my card today and will make your own cards thanks for stopping by.   So until next time - Happy Crafting!



  1. hi Christine
    it was so nice to meet you at Al's hook in in Bangor me. my name is Pam Finnigan and I live in Vermont
    Your work is beautiful and is something I have never seen before .Please tell Denice or Debbie ( my sister says Denice and I thought it was Debbie please forgive me but I met a lot of new people there) that I am very appreciative of her gift of the snippet container It is very handy and easy to pack .Hope to see you both in the fall
    Pam Finnigan

  2. Hi Pam,
    Yes it was so nice meet you so glad you like my work. You are correct it is Debby not Denice so you did well for someone that doesn't do well with names. I will let Debby know that you appreciate her gift. Looking forward to hooking with you again.


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