Christmas Projects

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Today I am posting a few Christmas projects that I just finished up.  Hard to believe that Christmas is just 3 weeks away YIKES!    I did the Snowman marshmallow pops for a friend's daycare, the Hershey nugget treats for work and the ornaments for gifts.  The ornaments are the only things I actually designed myself as the snowmen I saw on Facebook and the candy treats we did at our Close to My Heart Stamp of the Month group.

The snowman pops I saw on Facebook had a nose glued on as well as buttons down the stick but since mine were for a day care with little ones I opted to use just Sharpie markers.

The Hershey nugget treats were fun I wrote winner under candy on one and that person won an ornament.

The ornaments are a sweet reminder of my childhood when my Dad brought home the half balls with scenes inside - I still have the 2 that survived which are probably 60 years old now.  They were made using Susan's CountryScapes Build A Snowman, CountryScapes Critters 1 and Els van de Burgt Studio 5 Part Pine.  I did a tutorial on Elizabeth Craft Designs a couple years ago for these ornaments.  Susan has many dies that work for this.


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