Marigold Explosion Card

Hello everyone today I am posting a card that I did not actually design myself but a dear friend did and we did it in her class.   I did make some changes to the front of the card as I wanted to use one of Susan's new releases - Garden Notes - Marigold.  Lots of people are doing the explosion cards right now so I was excited to try it.

Here is how it was done.

Explosion Insert:  Note it is very important to crease all your folds very well so the explosion works properly.

  1.  Cut 1 piece of white cardstock 8-1/2" square. Stamp sentiment in center and  random stamp using stamps and inks of your choice all over.

  2. Fold in half  with stamp side out crease with bone folder.  Open up and fold with stamp side in crease with bone folder.

  3. Mark center with pencil top & bottom .

  4. Fold left corner up to center mark crease well.  Fold right corner up to center mark crease well.  These do not have to be exact.

  5. Unfold and turn over repeat folding and creasing.

  6. Unfold left side push bottom fold up and in -  inverting fold.  Crease  repeat on right side.

  7. Fold left corner to center pencil mark crease fold right corner to pencil mark unfold turn over and repeat folding and creasing.

  8.  Open up each and invert crease (there will be 4) crease well.  Your piece should look like a house.

  9. Adhere insert to inside of card by adding Clear Double Sided Adhesive to back of insert make sure the point of insert is at the center of card fold press down. Add Clear Double Sided Adhesive to top of insert and close card and press down to make sure that it adheres to card base.  If it hangs out a little at the bottom just trim it off. Check out the video for this it really is a great video you can find it here

  10. Cut printed paper 4-1/4" X 5-1/2" attach to card front using Clear Double Sided Adhesive.

  11. Cut 1 piece of coordinating cardstock 4" X 5-1/4" adhere to card front.

  12. Cut 2 pieces of cardstock 1-3/4" X 2-3/8" (2 different colors used here).  Cut 2 pieces of print paper 1-3/4" X 2-3/8" arrange on card front and adhere using Clear Double Sided Adhesive.

  13. The gray piece behind oval is a piece that was cut from the Cricut.

  14. Cut oval from white cardstock and stamp sentiment in center.  Adhere using pop dots.

  15. Add self adhesive colored pearls around outer edge of oval.

  16. Make 3 marigolds using Susan's new Garden Notes Marigold die set.  Susan's video found here.

  17. Adhere to upper left side of oval using a clear fast drying glue such as Kid's Choice Glue.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Susan's Garden Notes - Marigold

Susan's 4 pc Tool Kit

Clear Double Sided Adhesive

Kid's Choice Glue

Other Supplies:

White cardstock

Printed Paper

Self Adhesive Pearls

Stamps of your choice

Inks of your choice

Bone Folder

Thanks for stopping by today.  I do hope you will try making the explosion card it is a fun card to make.  Be sure to visit Elizabeth Craft Designs for your supplies.

Until next time Happy Scrapping!




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