Geraniums in the Window

Hello Everyone, Today I am posting a card that I designed using Susan's Garden Notes - Geranium die and her Garden Notes - Bugs & Butterflies.  My recent trip to Cushing, Maine to tour The Olson House actually was my inspiration for this card.  My favorite painting is "Christina's World" by Andrew Wyeth.

    When approaching the house which is void of paint I noticed a window full of red geraniums. When touring the house I learned that Christina Olson always had geraniums in the kitchen window and they continue that today.

Here is how I made the card.

Card Base

  1. Cut white cardstock 5-1/4 " X 10-1/2" score at 5-1/4" fold on score line.

  2. Using a pencil measuring in 1-1/8" from each edge lightly draw 3" square.  Make second square inside first measuring in 1/4" from edge of first square.  

  3. Emboss with your favorite embossing folder.

  4. Score lines of both squares.

  5. Using X acto knife and ruler cut from upper left corner to lower right corner of largest square then repeat for opposite corners.

  6.   Fold in on score lines of largest square then fold up on score lines of second square.  Note: the following photo the card has not been embossed so it is easier to see for instructions.   

  7. Cut 3" square piece of white cardstock and attach to back side of window using clear double sided adhesive.   


  1. Cut 1 flower base, regular petals 3 or 4 times and tiny petals twice from red cardstock.  Cut several leaves, tiny stem and calyx from green cardstock.

  2. Using Set 1 of Susan's PanPastels shade leaves with bright yellow green and rust color.

  3. Shape petals and leaves using Susan's 4 piece tool set, molding pad and leaf mat.  Use Susan's video as a guide in making your flowers it is found here.

Ladybug and Butterfly

  1. Cut 1 butterfly and 1 ladybug from white cardstock.

  2. Color ladybug with red and black markers.  Color butterfly yellow and black or whatever colors you want your butterfly.  Susan has a video on making the ladybug found here.


  1. Cut picture of your choice to fit in window opening (just slightly under 3") adhere inside of window using clear double sided adhesive.

  2. Attach geraniums, leaves and buds using clear drying glue to lower right corner of card.

  3. Attach butterfly to upper left corner of window  and ladybug to lower windowsill using clear drying glue.

Card Stand / Easel

  1. Cut 2 stands from cardstock adhere together using clear double sided adhesive.

  2. Emboss using embossing folder of your choice.  Els has a video for this found here.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies

Susan's Garden Notes - Geranium

Susan's Garden Notes - Bugs and Butterflies

Els van de Burgt Card Stand / Easel

Susan's Garden - 4 pc Tool Set

Susan's Garden - Molding Pad

Susan's Garden Leaf Pad

Susan's Garden PanPastels - set 1

Clear Double Sided Adhesive

Kid's Choice Glue

Other Supplies

White, red and green cardstock

Markers - red, black and yellow

Embossing folder

Picture of your choice


I do hope you have enjoyed my tutorial today and will find a picture that will inspire you to make this recessed window card.

Until next time - Happy Scrapping!









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