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Hello my crafty friends,

Welcome to my blog. It has been a while since I posted I am working on some new flowers which I will be posting soon but until then  I have a quick Valentine I have made for my dear friend's grandson who is 3 and yes it is another Square Spinner Pop Up I just can't help myself.

Along with Karen Burniston's Square Spinner Pop Up set I have used one her new releases the Border Blends - Argyle and Jinks the Monkey which is an old die set that is no longer available.

[wpvideo ip0GnX9K]

I show the back of the card in this video - sometimes things happen when you forget to put cover back on ink pad.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time - Happy Crafting !




  1. You are still having a fun time with these popup cards. Sometime,when making cards for family, a smudge will just have to remain and I just write 'oops' out beside it. lol

  2. Yes still having a blast with this die set. You are right sometimes family and friends get the whole shabang including ink smudges - have a great day!


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